How To Get Over My Ex Boyfriend - Tips On How to Get Over your Ex

Published: 16th July 2009
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When a relationship ends, especially if your boyfriend is the one that ended it, "how to get over my ex boyfriend" might be all that is on your mind. It's not always easy to get over your ex boyfriend, especially if you have been together for so long. We all know that the longer you were together, the harder the breakup will be and the more the heartache. Just take the example of a couple being together for 3 months vs. a couple that was together for 3 years. The second relationship will without a doubt be harder to get over. Fortunately there is help available to speed things up.

When you're wondering "how to get over my ex boyfriend", sit down and relax in a room of your home where you have a strong sense of your ex boyfriend. Remove anything that brings back memories of your ex boyfriend. I know, this is not easy to do, but trust me it WILL help. If you've bought a pet together, for instance, of course you won't want to get rid of the pet. But anything your ex boyfriend bought for you that is easily visible like ornaments or something hanging on the wall would be a good thing to remove for the time being.

If your home is filled with things that brings back memories of your ex boyfriend, you're probably wondering "how to get over my ex boyfriend" without cleaning out your home of everything. Just because you bought almost everything together does not mean you have to remove it all from your home. Just choose the items that brings back the strongest memories.

Maybe you picked out the dining room set together, but it's one of the paintings on the wall that you chose together or the vase on the counter top that your ex boyfriend gave you as a special gift that seems to make your heart stop and makes you feel sad everytime you see it. Get rid of those items! Store them for a while if you want, but get them out of sight for a while to make it easier on yourself.

If this is not working well enough for you and you are still desperate and keep asking "how to get over my ex boyfriend", try thinking of all your ex boyfriends worst qualities. Remember that this method requires that you actually think alot about your ex boyfriend, so if the very thought of your ex boyfriend leads you to breakdown, be careful, you might not be ready to use this method. If you cannot think of any bad qualities of your ex boyfriend, move on, but most people have no problem listing the things they disliked about their ex boyfriend when they were still in a relationship.

A popular method to use when you keep asking "how to get over my ex boyfriend" is to just get back to the dating scene. Many people do not do this as they feel they are betraying their ex boyfriend, they still love their ex boyfriend and they are just not ready. You have to trust me on this one, just start getting out there again - IT WILL WORK. Nobody will force you to fall in love with your first date. You must remember that dating is not just to answer that question of "how to get over my ex boyfriend", it also stops you from feeling sorry for yourself.

This article is the starting point of "how to get over my ex boyfriend", but if you are expecially distraught and need more help, it is at hand in this lens. All Free information about "how to get over my ex boyfriend. "The Magic of Making Up" is another option. A Program that has helped over 6100 people worldwide and will work for you!

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